Who is Andra von Avalon?

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A Little Girl with Dreams and a Saw

As a little girl I loved to dive into the stories and pictures of my books and my fantasy led me into a world with funny little creatures, making artistic performances at the curtains of the window in my room. My parents were not able to see these little beings I called my "little monkeys".
Many years later, when I visited Great Britain for the very first time I recognised my "monkeys" in a book about "the little people"...
But, as a little girl, I was also interested in technical matters - so, one day my parents were very surprised to find me in the kitchen with a saw, opening a battery to discover, what electric current looks like....

The Paradise Bird

Having passed my A-Level I started to study languages in 1983 to become a teacher - and decided to stop after just one year.
What now? May be something creative? Communications design? A fashion school?
Well, I preferred something technical - computer science!
Although I associated a mouse with "cheese" and bits and bytes with a buffet full of canapés and I hadn't had any dealings with computers so far, I was convinced it was the right thing to do.
Then I found myself in lectures, surrounded by a very special species - mostly male - and when I was missing once in a while the professor always asked "Where is our paradise bird today?"

A Mediator between the Worlds

But what gave me the determination to complete my course with a Masters Degree was my conviction, that technological progress and emotional intelligence belong together.
So I became a mediator between the worlds. Someone who is able to speak "Tekky-Speak" and think "Tekky-Think", thus communicating the requirements and needs of the "Non-Tekkies".

Violating the Rules and Overcoming Powergames

In the beginning of my professional life it was very hard to deal with all those people hiding behind the neutral masks of business. As I didn't know the rules of the business world I was not aware how often I violated them - and as a result I then had to cope with the consequences.
But over the years I learned my lesson well!
I also understood the motivations behind the facades of these people:
due to their fear of being hurt or exposed they simply were trying to protect themselves!

Now I know the rules - and I still violate them!

But as I now consciously decide to break the rules, it is amazing what effect can be produce by doing so!
Mostly the facades crack instantly! Mostly power games, pretense and egoistic motivations are overcome quickly and people start to cooperate on a new and personal level.

My Conviction:
To Show Weakness is the Real Strength.

Every human being has longings and dreams, but in this modern world we are taught to suppress them. We are expected to "perform", in the sense of putting on a show, but also in the sense of "functioning".

But there is a way to break the spell!

Care more about others, show your emotions and talk about your feelings and fears.
You will discover that you are not alone with them,
because other people will suddenly open up and talk about their longings and fears, too.

If everybody starts doing so, this world will become a better place!